Preliminary black and white drawing of an illustration commission on the theme "American Graffiti".

Welcome to the thrilling world of hot rods!!! Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the 1950s and 60s, where every turn was an adventure and every race a legend in the making. At the heart of this frenzy, one car stands out with its daring silhouette and striking color: the 1932 Ford V8 Deuce Coupe driven by "Milner," immortalized in the American cinematic classic, "American Graffiti," under the direction of George Lucas.

Its vivid yellow shines through the night, drawing all eyes like a beacon in the darkness. But what makes this car even more special is its history, a legacy that resonates through the decades. On its license plate, a subtle nod to the film's director. Indeed, it proudly displays the number "THX 138," a choice that resonates with connoisseurs of Lucas's work, being a discreet reference to his first feature film, "THX 1138."

Under the hood, the roaring V8 engine, the beating heart of this machine, is a symphony of power and performance. A true monument to automotive engineering of the time, where every engine rev tells a story of speed and freedom. But this hot rod is not simply a relic of the past, frozen in time. No, it's a work in constant evolution, an object of passion and dedication for enthusiasts worldwide. Each owner adds their personal touch, tweaking the engine for more power, refining the details for more style. This marks the beginning of what some enthusiastically call the "KUSTOM KULTURE"!!!

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